info on doinks

our biggest source of information on doinks is youngkingdave. he posted the video featured on the main page, in which he states:

Out here in Amish, smoking big doinks in Amish... Big ol' doinks. Gang.

just from this sentence alone, we know many things.
we know that:

  1. somewhere, there is a location called amish
  2. there are multiple sizes of doinks, including big. this also implies a "small" size being available
  3. doinks are to be smoked
  4. big doinks are preferred
  5. youngkingdave believes himself to be cool, a "gangster", etc.

if we include the video in this, we know even more.
we now also know:

  1. youngkingdave is overweight
  2. doinks are a form of joint, which implies they are for smoking marijuana
  3. since they are for marijuana, we can guess that there is an illicit drug presence in amish
  4. youngkingdave truly is a gangster

of course, we only care about the doinks themselves for this page, so we should remove extraneous information.

Doinks are a joint, a rolled paper containing marijuana that is smoked. Doinks are preferred to be big.

this is all the information we have on doinks, except for one other video in which youngkingdave refers to them as "thoinks". this implies that the name "doink" is only one of many.

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